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We began breeding our Cotons in 2002 and have produced outstanding family and companion dogs ever since. We are currently the third oldest CTCA breeder in the Central and Western United States and the sixth oldest in the country. All of our puppies are either Tri-Colored or the rarer Black and Whites. Our specialty is in the way we socialize our puppies.  They are raised in our home with the critical help of our children (ages 22, 21 and 16) and we keep them located in the living area of our home where all of the activity happens. Our previous customers particularly value how well socialized our puppies are. Some have even returned to adopt a second puppy as a playmate to the first ones! We are located in the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver, Washington.

Moppit was our first coton and she is the reason we fell in love with this breed.  What a wonderful, loving, sweet dog she is, always there for us and just so sweet.  She's out of Sophie III and Spencer II of Sunset Cove. - Retired 

Mystic came from Albermarle Cotons and has been the most wonderful, calm, happy coton ever.  My daughter Jessica hauls her around everywhere and she just loves it.  She's a definite "Thinker" in that you can just tell she's trying to figure something out.  What a love.  She's also very quick and loves to run with whoever will go out with her.

Gypsy is out of our Moppit, by Rory of Alika Cotons - What a character - Always energetic, happy to see everyone and loves to get right into that lap for a nap and a pet.  She's extremely lovable and passes that right along to her puppies.  She's also very athletic and loves to go for a walk and/or jog. - Retired

Rough and Tumble is our boy - He came to us from Crabapple Crossing South and is out of Cassandra of Little Blessings and Sir Patches of Crabapple Crossing.  This guy is very special and sweet.  He passed along his wonderful personality and temperment to all of his puppies - He also passed along a lot of color!  We've only had either tri-colored or black&white puppies from him.  My daughter, Makayla, takes him everywhere she can and he worships the ground she walks on.  -Retired

We're located in Southwest Washington State in the beautiful city of Vancouver near Salmon Creek and WSU (Washington State University).  It's only minutes away from downtown Portland, Oregon and Portland International Airport.

We feel it is always best to come and get your puppy yourself.  There is a bonding experience that occurrs when you and your puppy spend those initial hours together. Our puppies are wormed, receive two vaccinations and have health checks prior to leaving us for their new homes.