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The Fun of Socialization - The Red Wagon

This turned out to be an absolutely wonderful way to socialize our puppies while at the same time keeping them safe from diseases. We needed a safe way to get them outside and introduce them to life and this worked out perfectly.

The puppies started riding in the red wagon when they were only 4 weeks old.  They started out to be very shy and retiring, not wanting to look around and be adventurous.  But, after only a week, they started figuring out what "Want to go for a walk" meant.  They all got so excited about another trip outside, in the sun or rain or wind.  They started getting up on the sides of the wagon, fighting for the "in front" position, and having an absolute wonderful time.  They met our neighbors during their walks, smelling all those wonderful new smells, and ended up being very sociable to everyone.  Shyness went away and the fight for the first pet began. 

After their wagon ride they got to frolic in the grass, grab tree branches and play hide and seek.  Pure puppy all the way. 

This early socialization period has made a tremendous impact on the puppies and on how they approach their future lives with their new owners.  They live it to the fullest, enjoying their environments and their people with joy and happiness. Each litter now gets this special treatment, to make sure that they're ready for their future forever homes.